Seeing A Problem 'Ain't Easy Through Shrapnel Rated Glasses:  It's a simple fact of life:  no problem is solvable if you are not aware of its existence.  Amazingly, millions of people in this country are living lives that are seriously impacted by PTSD or traumatic stress, and haven't a clue that it is their problem.  Most simply know that life is a complete mess and hate it. Others are in denial and are so overwhelmed by the mess that they don't even realize they are emotionally drowning in it, like psychological quicksand.  Odds are that if you've made it as far as this web page, you know what this feels like, and are wishing you knew why life went so far off the rails.  No longer are we so worried about the folks who go through life with "rose colored glasses"... it's the ones in Wiley X's that I'm worried about !

Make Life Experiences, Rather Than Symptoms, Your Starting Point For Understanding:  For those who are brave enough to go in search of "the problem", that quest usually is less than successful, especially if they try to analyze one or more isolated "symptoms" in an attempt to "diagnose" themselves, clinically.  Unfortunately, symptoms of an illness can't simply be taken out of medical context by someone who isn't professionally trained to evaluate their meaning.  A symptom can mean many things, or it can mean nothing. "It all depends,"  a professional will often say.  That's a polite way of saying "Look, this just isn't something you're the expert on."

On the other hand, there IS something we believe that you are THE expert on,  and that is YOUR LIFE.  And if your life is in crash-and-burn mode, we think that there is no one more qualified than you are to take a knowledgeable look at the experiences which, when lumped together, comprise YOUR LIFE.  What you need is some guidance, so that your observations of yourself (or your loved one) can be at least somewhat objective.  And guidance is exactly what this site is designed to provide you. With a little guidance about which of life's "file folders" to look into, we think that most people are well qualified to recognize when PTSD has become a part of their life.  That's because PTSD isn't something you're born with, or that you carry inside your genes without knowing it, or that you "catch" from someone else.  PTSD develops strictly by virtue of events that have happened to you.   And no one knows more about what has happened to you , than you do.

The "Four Folders" of Life Experience:  Virtually all things in life exist in relationship to other things.  Keeping all the many parts of life, as well as the many parts and processes of our brains and bodies, functioning in balanced relationship to one another is called homeostasis.    We work hard at keeping all those plates spinning and in balance !  And we know it when balance is lost:  we feel the wobble, we hear the crash.  We at mybacktothewall.com  believe that taking an informed look at 4 major "file folders"  in life can tell a person a great deal about whether he / she is suffering from PTSD or traumatic stress, because their life experiences may serve as "markers" for the existence of traumas, old or new.  Those folders are actually relationships, which serve as "barometers" of traumatic stress.  These relationships are:  (l) family and marriage, (2) work and employment, (3) interpersonal and social, and (4) spiritual.

Look on this website for my articles dealing with each of these categories.  And don't forget to read about this subject in "I Always Sit With My Back To The Wall".

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