This is an interesting article about what to actually "call" PTSD-- is it an "injury," a "stress reaction" or is it, as it is now called a "disorder."
The problem to me appears to be not in what we call the condition, but rather what that label connotes and says about the veteran with the condition.  Far too often it indicates "weakness, being broken or impaired, or having a mental problem -- indicating craziness."  All of these are incorrect, and lead to stigma, embarrassment, loss of job or career,  and a real reluctance to even report the symptoms to those in authority.  Tragically this avoidance of getting diagnosed or treated can lead to prolonged unnecessary suffering not only by the veteran but those who care for and about them.
The debate over what to call PTSD will likely go on for some time, but whatever we decide to call it I hope that the future will bring better recognition and treatment for it.

-Dr. Harry Croft

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