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Listen to - Dr. Harry Croft's address:  

"Connecting The Elements of R-E-C-O-V-E-R-Y From PTSD"

& Rev. Dr. Chrys Parker's address:  

" Caring: The Critical Connection in PTSD Recovery"

Dr. Harry Croft presents syndicated radio host, Dennis Prager with a copy of "I Always Sit With My Back To The Wall".


Breaking News! Dr. Harry Croft Interviewed by CNN International:

PTSD not sole culprit in rampage

Soldier held in Afghan killings was from troubled U.S. base


Dr. Harry Croft weighs in on the shooting in Afghanistan by a soldier who may have been suffering from PTSD

 LA Times Story


After War: Managing PTSD

Thousands of U.S. soldiers return home from war only to face the difficult struggle of re-entering their former lives and dealing with post traumatic stress disorder. One psychiatrist says there is help and these brave warriors do not have to live in the dark. Watch Video


Welcome to

We want to thank you for visiting It is our joy to welcome you. It is our commitment  to serve you. It is our mission to offer you education, inspiration, validation and motivation to R - E - C - O - V - E - R from trauma and PTSD, by providing the most comprehensive, holistic, and dynamic source of content to be found anywhere on the subject of trauma. Finally, it is our hope that this website will be a place of safety, hope, and enlightenment that you will want to drop in on, for a few minutes, everyday, in order to remind yourself that YOU MATTER. You matter to us, and to millions of others who share your journey though traumatic stress. You may trust us when we assure you that a life, better and more abundant than the one you are living now. IS POSSIBLE. We will help you get there.


Dr. Harry Croft, M.D., respected psychiatrist and veteran Army doctor, has evaluated over 6000 warriors and veterans for PTSD and is an internationally recognized authority on the subject of trauma. His medical expertise provides a unique supportive resource for military personnel and their families.

The Meaning of "I Always Sit With My Back To The Wall"

If you have found this site, or have been led here by someone you know or love, it's because you already know what it means to live your life with your back to the wall, and your eye on the exit. Whether you are in your own home, at the grocery store, at a party, or eating in a restaurant, you bend over backwards to adapt one inconvenient fact: your eyes are in front of your head. Since nature failed to equip you with a "rear view mirror", you make sure both your "flanks" are protected by standing or sitting in the farthest corner of the room, where NOTHING will come up on you from behind, or by surprise. Have we got this right so far? Unfortunately, those two walls that intersect to form the corner behind you also form exactly 1/2 of an emotional and sensory prison. We'd like to help you stage a jailbreak. Here's a powerful thought: if all that is behind you is a protective wall, that means that ALL OF LIFE, AND ALL OF IT'S POTENTIAL, IS IN FRONT OF YOU. You can't retreat any farther than you already have, can you? There is nowhere to go, but forward. Your possibilities are limitless if you know what steps to slowly and gently take, and where to focus that hyper-vigilant vision of yours. We will help show you how.


Rev. Dr. (Chaplain) Chrys Parker, J.D., is a noted trauma therapist who has worked with over 2,500 trauma survivors. As both an academic educator and military instructor, she has helped train nearly 5000 personnel and developed effective new modes of trauma therapy for warriors, sexual assault survivors and the burned. She served U.S. forces in Iraq in 2010.


How To Use This Website To Benefit Your PTSD Recovery

This website is one half of a two-part approach to the problem of trauma. Like a really good marriage or friendship, each part works best when it is strengthened and supported by the other. Our book, "I Always Sit With My Back To The Wall" is the essential guidebook for people living with PTSD or who are impacted by traumatic stress. We strongly recommend that you acquire it, because it forms the foundation of our approach to R-E-C-O-V-E-R-Y from PTSD. It is available through this website and part of the proceeds of your purchase is used to benefit worthy warriors' and veterans' organizations. It's the kind of book you should have at your side, because the book (1) provides you with a step-by-step guidance in simple language, (2) explains certain things in detail to convey real depth of understanding, (3) does what only a book can do - go everywhere with you, and serve as an "anchor" you can review as often as you need.

You will find this website to be an invaluable additon to the book. We hope it is a place you will enjoy visiting for a few minutes everyday. Use this site to expand your knowledge about PTSD in ways, and about subjects, that the book cannot cover. Also, use it to remain up to date on the most recent developments in the field of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Via the website you can find us, no matter where you are in the world (including combat theaters of operation), and you can SPEAK BACK to us about the issues and challenges you face daily.



The Spiritual Fitness Initiative Online

The Spiritual Fitness Initiative was founded, and is directed by Rev. Dr. (Chaplain) Chrys L. Parker, J.D. and Dr. Glenn C. Sammis, D. Min., LPC (CH LTC, USA Ret.). It is a non-sectarian program for military personnel, in which spirituality serves as a platform for the empowerment and enhancement of personal growth and wellness across all domains of life, including mental, emotional, social, relational, and bio-physical. If you are an SFI participant or facilitator, click the "SFI Online" icon appearing on the right, to obtain pin numbered access to special content contained in the SFI portal.




Book Helps Those Suffering From PTSD

Dr. Chrys Parker is joined by Dr. Harry Croft on KENS-TV's Great Day SA as she explains why they wrote "I Always Sit With My Back To The Wall". Watch Video

Doctors Help Troops With PTSD

 Post-Traumatic Stress Discorder, or PTSD, is something many soldiers and their families know all too well these days.  Psychiatrist Dr. Harry Croft talked Tuesday morning on Fox News First about his new book titled, "I Always Sit With My Back Against The Wall". Watch Video

War's aftermath: Examining PTSD

The war in Afghanistan is now the longest in American history and thousands of troops are still fighting in Iraq.

As these conflicts drag on, many of the returning veterans are suffering from post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). A new book by nationally known authorities seeks to helps veterans and their families. Watch Video
What is PTSD?

Watch as Dr. Harry Croft offers a concise explanation of the Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder phenomenon on

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